Tips to Select a Reseller Hosting Account as a Web Designer

Every web designer looking to expand and grow their business should consider Reseller Hosting as a viable venture. This add-on service requires a minimum capital investment on your part and can help give your existing business a competitive edge. It can also help increase revenue in the long run if done right.

However, to make this possible, you need to pick the right web hosting service in India to ensure you’re offering your customers the best hosting solutions. Read on to learn how you can have the best domain reseller account.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a kind of hosting service where hosting resources are purchased in bulk from a parent web hosting company and re-sold to clients at a reasonable price. So, instead of finding a third-party web hosting company, as a web developer, you can become the client’s web hosting provider to host their websites.

How to Choose a Reseller Hosting Plan as a Web Designer?

Deciding on Suitable Web Hosting Company

Several web hosting companies offer reseller hosting. The first thing to consider is the parent company’s reputation. Look into user reviews and feedback from prior patrons to ensure you get what you pay for.

The types of services that the parent company offers reflect on your web hosting reseller account as well. Therefore, you have to choose the parent company wisely.

Checking of White Labelling Service

White Label hosting is one of the first things you should check for when assessing hosting packages and providers. This is what will truly allow you to be the best reseller hosting business, as it will allow you to rebrand hosting services under your brand.

Make sure there is no trace of the parent company’s branding on any of the products and services you plan to offer to your clients.

Checking the Company’s Customer Support

If a parent web hosting company offers satisfying services but doesn’t have helpful customer service, this might lead to miscommunication, which may hamper your client’s satisfaction. Hence, choose a web hosting provider that offers flawless customer service so that you can offer the best support through your reseller hosting account.

Location of Servers

The physical location of a server is known as server location. Every server has its unique address where all the other servers are located. For example, if a majority of website users are Asian, then you might choose servers in Asia to host a website. Similarly, for American Clients, choose either North American servers or South American servers, depending on their location. 

This is because server location plays a huge part in page load speeds and latency. To ensure your client’s websites load quickly, look for parent companies with servers near your clients’ end-point users.

Checking the Customisation Facilities

Every client or business has different requirements, so their requirements will naturally differ. Therefore, check whether the parent company offers customisation facilities in its packages and move forward accordingly.

Packages Cost and Pricing

As a reseller, deciding on cost depends entirely on you. Check the pricing and packages offered by the parent company and allocate a dedicated budget to ensure you don’t overspend.

Generally, it is best to choose providers that offer discounts and flexible pricing options so that you can, in turn, price your reseller hosting packages from your domain name reseller account reasonably. 


As a web designer, adding reseller hosting to your service will allow you to expand the roster of services you can offer under your business and can also attract new customers. Make sure you look for reputable providers that offer good customer support; and services and packages at an affordable rate.