Alcohol Breathalyzers – How This Small Gadget Works?

Are you curious to know more about the working of Alcohol Breathalyzers? Well, you have come to the right platform because this article will help you to understand the importance and working of breathalyzer in a precise way. A lot of people are getting interested in buying this small gadget because of its exclusive benefits so, providing proper information on this device is a must. Read below and get yourself a quality Alcohawk because this device has the ability to save your life.

Firstly, if you are into local news then you might have read or heard about the drivers that are arrested because of consuming alcohol and driving under the influence. The ratio of these arrests and accidents is increasing day by day. Not only law enforcing agencies but Govt. is itself very concerned to alleviate this issue. On the other hand, alcohol breathalyzers are doing a great job to help people in staying sober and alive rather than getting drunk and sitting behind the wheel to drive.

A breathalyzer is a small instrument that is used by professionals, doctors and civilians to determine blood alcohol content (BAC). This can be done by analyzing the breath sample of the suspect or an individual by blowing breath in the mouthpiece provided along with this gadget. In short, it is very simple and easy to use this device and all you need to get your exact BAC is blowing breath in it.

Exact Working of Alcohol Breathalyzers:

Alcohol tester is a small device that has a straw and two cylindrical vials. These cylinders contain a solution of H2SO4 (Sulphuric-Acid) Potassium Dichromate, Silver Nitrate and H2O. To get better readings of BAC, all you need is to blow strongly in the device so that the chemical reaction can takes place.

The expelled air from lungs then transfers to the vials and Silver Nitrate plays a part of catalyst for the reaction to take place quickly. On the other hand, Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4) helps to remove or minimize the alcohol particles from the air and helps the process to take place properly. The removed alcohol particles are then transferred to the next vial where Potassium Dichromate breaks down the whole solution into H2O, Acetic Acid, Chromium Sulphate and Potassium Sulphate. This process is totally chemical but there no harmful side effects of blowing in this device.

The whole chemical reaction and breakdown of alcohol particles takes place in this small handy device within seconds. This shows the precision and accuracy of this device. So, I will strongly recommend you to buy alcohol breathalyzers for your safety.