Effects of Modern Gadgets on Children’s Values

With the modern trends of technology nowadays, children are prone to harmful effects that gadgetry brings. About 60 to 70{e31915232f627aba387f5fbf94f9a250ae116cee0c2da27b298f0b4ae14d446f} of kids around the world ages 10-17 years old are hooked up to cellular phones. They spend up to 5 or more hours calling, sending texts or just playing. And there will also be a mobile phone, known as Firefly, for children below 5 years old, it’s designed for them simply to call up their Mum.

Usage of this gadget can be uncontrollable. Its up to you as a mother or parent to teach your child to be responsible on their mobile phones, to ask them to pay-up when their mobile runs out of money. Or to get some agreement from the mobile companies that automatically cuts-off usage when the child overuses their allowance for the month.

The T-mobile phone company has a feature enabling you as parent to know those numbers that your child is calling. Most of the mobile phones nowadays got an inbuilt camera, so you can tell your children what are good pictures to shoot and bad for circulation.

Notify them that you like to look on the photos as well as videos, tell them you’ll only be the one who can remove them.

Purchase the easy to use or simplest mobile phones as possible. If children got a phone model that enables them to surf the internet, monitor their menu programs and sign-in the built in controls for younger mobile user.

Modern technology is making our lifestyle easier but it also has its pros and cons. We need to teach the young ones about the beneficial and harmful effects it might bring. Remember the saying, “Children are the hope of motherland.”