Gadgets and New Inventions

Almost everyday, a new gadget or invention hits the market providing convenience, enjoyment or luxury to the user. People using their imaginations and ingenuity can create new gizmos and gadgets that are useful and fun. Take, for instance, the iRobot Corporation who patented the iRobot that washes your floor and the Roomba that vacuums your rugs without you guiding it.

Other new gadgets that have or are about to hit the market are the Hidden Wall Outlet Mini Wall Safe. It looks like an electrical outlet, but opens to hold a valuable piece of jewelry. The Simkey Simcard Backup comes in handy when you lose your cell phone and all those important contact numbers. This backup system saves your data and recalls it in a flash. It also has mini PDA functions like a date scheduler, memo, alarm clock, world and local times, currency converter and password protection. The compact MP3 alarm clock has 127 MB memory and can upload music directly to your PC. It has a snooze function and an LCD display with backlit controls comes in handy to help you program your alarm. Researcher Deb Roy developed a new baby monitoring system that utilizes cameras and microphones hooked up throughout a house, monitoring baby 14 hours a day. You can record baby’s development and turn off the cameras when you need to.

In order to monitor his child’s early language development, researcher Deb Roy has wired his house with 11 cameras and 14 microphones. The baby will be monitored for 14 hours per day in order to watch his development over time. Roy and his wife can erase recordings or turn off the cameras if they need to get intimate or cuss each other out, but at the end of the day the video is sent to MIT for computerized processing. Dr. Roy’s goal is to find out how babies learn language using computer algorithms.