Go-Go-Gadget! Kitchen Gadgets!

Kitchen gadgets, at some point in the their lives nearly everyone will buy that new super- special kitchen gadget, whether it’s that new vegetable and fruit slicer that slices absolutely everything to that same 1cm thickness or that new juicer that uses surgical steel blades that are insanely sharp to turn anything you put inside it into a health conscious smoothie. Whatever your new toy is, it’s easy to see that the UK has gone go-go-gadget crazy!

However some of them are practical and some of them are just more than a little bit silly, I’m sure that toaster bags are the latest thing going but wasn’t that toaster and grill combo you bought a few months ago more than up to the task?

Some of the new gizmos out there on the market genuinely do have a place in the market however, take those new automated can and jar openers – how many times have you had to tip that jam jar over and bash the lid on the countertop to try to loosen it up enough for you to be able to open it – all the while praying that the glass doesn’t shatter! With these new inventions you’ll just latch the tool onto the lid and it’ll rotate and turn the lid until it just pops off! Maybe you’ve got one of the manual versions that is essentially a larger pair of pliers, you just pop the lid into the teeth in-between the two arms of the gadget, squeeze them together and then just twist. Opening those tricky jars has never been easier!

Circumstance has it that if there’s a job for it, then there will be a gadget that will exist for it, so if you cannot open jars or if you want to make toasties in the toaster then guaranteed there’s the product for you!