Guillermo Haro

Guillermo Haro is a name quite familiar for those who loved astronomy and philosophy. His works are considered one of the best and greatly contributed to our society. Aside from that, the institutions that he founded and lead are now recognized as the world’s center for science, technology, and arts. He is a Mexican nationality who raised Mexico’s interest in the field of astronomy and philosophy. Almost all of his works and projects are published and are finely accredited. Guillermo Haro played a very important role in terms of inventions and problem resolutions. Aspiring astronomers and philosophers make him an idol and role model.

Haro was born on March 21, 1913, during the Mexican revolution probably a century ago. He graduated philosophy at UNAM or also known as National Autonomous University of Mexico. His hard work helped him make his way through Harvard at United States of America.

In 1945, Guillermo Haro went back to Mexico and continued his work at Observatorio Astrofisico de Tonantzilla. One key instrument (24-31 inch Schmidt camera) on his discoveries was developed there. He also started studying extremely blue and extremely red stars. Using this development he uncovered many secrets our galaxy has. Some planetary nebulae were detected in the galactic center’s direction. Those are known as Herbig-Haro objects since George Herbig also conducted the same study and discovered the same thing. Aside from that, Haro discovered flare stars in Orion nebula. His love for stargazing is really amazing and it never ended until he died.

Guillermo Haro really engraved his name on astronomical development and discoveries through hard work and passion. His perseverance cannot be compared and his brilliance cannot be hindered. Significant changes in astronomical research history were influenced by him. We are enjoying what we have now because of him and all we have to do is remember and honor his name.