Hadoop Or Apache Spark – Which Is Ruling the World of Technology?

Technology enthusiasts love to stay updated about new technology, especially when there is a new launch in the tech-world. Big data is the latest name to join the software industry. The big data online training has become one of the most sought after activities for any ambitious software professional. Apache Spark has been in demand since its launch. Let’s understand which one serves as the most demanding software in today’s world of technology.

Nowadays technology changes at an eye blink. A new smartphone is trending before we end our day. When it comes to making a mark in creating jobs, big data is the foremost name. Hadoop and Spark serve as the open source frameworks which are specifically used for implementing the big data technologies.

With increasing needs of handling a huge volume of data, many organizations have been preparing themselves to handle it. Big data is mainly used to store and manage great volumes of data. Spark is helpful in processing the data in a better way. Both go hand in hand. Let’s have an in-depth study.

Learning Hadoop is the First Step

Big data has been widely accepted as an open source framework which helps data architects to speed up data operations. It assists in identifying various business scenarios where data science can have a powerful outcome. Without a doubt, Hadoop has been serving as a stepping stone for most organizations that aim to leverage Big Data to ease off their businesses.

It is best for students who have studied Java and SQL though it is not mandatory. By joining a software training Institute, they can understand and master the concepts of Hadoop. It implies various skills in streaming, HDFS, Map Reduce and later Apache Hive. Being associated with the same technologies, it is essential to have a stronghold on this framework. Once you gain proficiency in the first, it is the time to learn the Apache Spark.

Apache Spark- Your Next Move

After mastering in the former, what you can do is to graduate to Apache Spark. This easy to use interface coupled with in-memory feature assists data analysts to analyze data in a faster way. It enables data analysts to work on data streaming and SQL or machine learning. Due to its feature of addressing the shortcomings of Hadoop, it has made a mark in the world of Big Data. So learning Apache Spark is necessary for your career growth. Since Spark and Hadoop work differently, many companies prefer to hire candidates who are well-versed with both.

Certifications are not necessary to scale your potential but it helps in two ways. First, you can identify the subject area which interests you more. Then, you can continue and master in the same. Second, it assists you to get a better job or project. So, it is always good to have a certification of learning.