High Tech Wedding Invitations Versus the Traditional Paper Card Based Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations have gone high tech. This should not surprise you, if you have been tuned in to these things. Gone is the era when everyone’s idea of a wedding invitation would be an elaborately done card. In some circles, today, sending people such cards would see you branded a ‘dinosaur’ with regard to tech-compliance. The way to show that you are ‘in’ and that you have got ‘it’ is by sending high tech wedding invitations. These could be anything from email based wedding invitations, to text-message based wedding invitations. We have also seen the rise of e-cards, which can also be used as wedding invitations for good measure.

So, are these high tech invitations better than the traditional paper card based invitations?

Well, one would say that the high tech invitations are better than the traditional paper card based wedding-invitations in some ways, yet also inferior to those traditional paper card based wedding invitations in some other ways.

Starting with the upside, we know for sure that the high tech wedding-invitations are more convenient to send out. In the days when all we had were the traditional paper card based wedding invitations, trying to get the card properly designed and printed, and then sending them out to the desired guests would have been a major logistical nightmare. With high tech wedding-invitations, though, the whole thing becomes easier: you just sit down with your phone or laptop, using some graphics software program come up with a suitable wedding invitation, and then send it to as many people as you want as an e-mail attachment. You don’t even have to send different emails. Just a single email, with the e-mail address of the various invitees separated by comas is all you really need. With phone text based wedding invitations, even the designing bit is done away with, so that all you need to do is to make a careful choice of wording, and send it to the numbers of the intended recipients. It can’t get any more convenient.

The high tech invitations will also tend to be much cheaper to prepare and send out than the traditional wedding-invitations. Indeed, in the olden way of doing things, the preparation of wedding cards and sending them out used to be a major cost item in the wedding arrangement.

Still on the upside, we tend to see a situation where the chances of the high tech invitations reaching the intended recipients – and doing so in good time – are greater than the chances of traditional paper card based wedding-invitations. These often failed to reach the intended in good time (or at all), thus defeating their very purpose.

But there is also a downside to these high-tech invites, which gives us insight into the main advantage which traditional wedding-invitations still retain. As it turns out, the high tech invitations tend to be ‘dry’ and lacking in the sentimentality of the traditional paper card based wedding-invitations. In the traditional paper card based invites, the beauty of the cards send, and the amount of effort spent in making them and sending them would often be huge enough encouragement for the recipients to attend the wedding ceremonies in question.

High tech wedding-invitations on the other hand tend to be treated like just other ‘appointment’ e-mails or text messages. Once the message is received, they are promptly deleted so as not to clutter the inbox. They are, indeed’ dry, and lacking in sentimentality. Yet, weddings are all about sentimentality.