How To Choose The Right iPod For You

Don’t want a phone and don’t need the tablet-sized iPad? Apple offers a range of iPod models to meet your wishes. A great comparison page is available on Apple’s website. Here are 7 iPod patron classes and find out which one you belong to:

The mobile geek: No debate, the iPod touch is the device of choice for the mobile geek. These folk need the best device around. Althought the 32GB version is enough, they should potentially go for the 64GB version of the new iPod touch so they don’t run right out of room for pictures, videos, movies, music, and games. If they work in an area that prohibits cameras, they’ll probably have to settle for an iPod classic.

The music devotee: music devotees would be pleased with any iPod, but they should probably go with the Nano. As I see it, a music lover wants to be well placed to listen to music where and when they’d like to. The Nano is tiny, can go anywhere, and even has an FM radio built into it.

The “movieholic”: If you live for the cinematic humanities and do not truly care much about applications, HD cameras, and all that other stuff, the iPod classic model is probably the best fit. It’s correct that you can watch films on your iPhone, but doing so will drain your battery quickly-no calls! Grab a 160GB iPod classic; it’ll cover your flick binge for a minimum of six hours.

The exercise freak: This category also covers rock climbers, mountain bikers, and other over the top outside types. A Nano would probably work, but they’d wventually break its touch sensitive screen. Everything considered, the iPod shuffle is maybe the top choice for them.

The bookworm: The iPod touch is the only choice for the people who read eBooks, and the 8GB version will hold plenty of them. If you prefer audiobooks, the Nano, Shuffle or Classic will work.

The hipster: This is the person you see in outline in those Apple commercials, dancing around with iPods. Their major requirement is listening to music and looking cool while doing it. The Nano and Shuffle both come in assorted colours and can be clipped almost anywhere. It’s a toss up between these two iPods.

Typical person: they probably do not have an extended music or video collection. They don’t want a data plan and they don’t make a fetish out of favor. Perhaps they’ll play a game now and then, or listen to the infrequent podcast. They’d like to do a little of everything. Hands down, they should go for the 8GB or 32GB version of the iPod touch.