How to Write About Anything And Make Money

It’s no secret that writers love to write. I’ve been a writer for many years now and I think that even if I was the last person on earth and there was no one here to read my writing, I’d still write.

And with the internet, it’s so easy to earn money from writing because there are so many different ways to do it.

Naturally, the best-known way to earn money from writing is by writing books. But it’s far from being the only way.

And not everyone who writes wants to take on big projects like writing a book manuscript. But it’s not the only way to earn money from your writing, and there are so many other shorter projects you can do, and, if done correctly, you can earn all your income from your writing.

It’s possible to earn a living writing online articles. These can be long articles, short articles or simple blog posts. And you know it can be done because there are already so many famous and wealthy bloggers. And you don’t even have to be famous to make money as a blogger. You just have to be consistent and write great articles that others want to read.

And what you write doesn’t have to be detailed. No one wants to read anything complicated anyway. You just need to write articles every day, and once you’ve written hundreds of them, it will make you look like an expert, which you probably will be once you’ve written so many articles on your chosen topic.

And the best thing about making money online is that you don’t even have to have anything to sell.

But you do need to understand about using keywords so that your site turns up in the search results every time someone searches for a site like yours.

Using keywords, and particularly long-tail keywords, are what helps to drive more traffic to your website. And more traffic usually means more money.

The best thing about earning a living this way is that it’s not difficult to start and you can even do it for free. Two of my websites are blogs that I set up for free a few years ago and they still earn me money. Yet it’s cost me nothing but my time writing short articles for them every day.

If you want to work this way too, all you need to do is choose your niche and set up your own blog or website and get to work writing short articles.