Hurricane Katrina and Earthquake Swarms in California

Are we ready for the big one in California; could we be? There was a swarm of Earthquakes in the Imperial Valley – one was over 4.5 of on the Richter scale. Often there are swarms of Earthquakes, which occur, generally after a larger Quake. Not prior too, although there have been instance of such due to the movement of molten lava prior to Volcanic Activity. Yet in the Imperial Valley there are not any known active volcanoes or are there? The temblors occurred in the Brawley Seismic Zone. The Brawley Seismic Zone connects to the San Andreas Fault and runs through the Imperial Valley. The quakes have been occurring over a two-day period, but have somewhat puzzled Cal Tech.

If California gets the big one after the huge Gulf Coast hit of Hurricane Katrina, can FEMA handle such a crisis? Will it strap the Federal Budgets already at crisis? Will their be looting in Los Angles and San Francisco like there was in New Orleans, when those helpless starving Hurricane Victims simply had no choice but to break into a department store for a surround a sound HDTV with Dolby Sound and a 64′ Flat Panel Display?

Can you imagine the big one in California, every one knows it will happen it is only a matter of time? Can we afford to rebuild Los Angeles and Southern California spanning some 460 square miles of concrete and containing some 16.5 million people? The answer is, you sure you really want to hear it? No. Rebuilding New Orleans alone will be a huge undertaking just strengthening the 350 plus miles of levees surrounding the city. Think on this?