iPod Basics and Buying Guide

All About iPods

Music is in the air!

So what is an iPod anyway? Well, for one, it is music to our ears! Wouldn’t you agree? However, on a more serious note, the ‘iPod’ is a brand. It is a brand of portable music/ media players which are a technically advanced, compact version of our good old walkmans. The brand ipod was launched by Apple Inc on October 23, 2001, and has ever since been making waves in the music world.

This rectangular gadget with a bright and clear screen stores and plays a large number of songs and videos for you without going through the hassle of changing CDs or cassettes, unlike the earlier walkmans or disk mans.

iPod Basics

The first striking feature about an Ipod is its storage capacity. For instance, the capacity of an iPod Classic is 120GB which holds approximately 30000 songs while of course if you do not need that kind of storage you can always opt for medium range models. The wide screen in most of the models displays your play lists, song queue and helps you select which song or video you want to play. The large dial is the manual control dial of all the functions.

The iPods also come with iTunes, a program that will burn CDs, let you download music from Apple’s music store and convert songs into iPod format.

Which iPod to choose

Apple is the undisputed leader in the filed of ipods so largely you have to decide between its various models. However, if price is your consideration, then you might also look at the other MP3 Players produced by other companies available at very affordable prices in the market.

Apple’s current line of ipod includes the iPod classic, the video feature enabled iPod Nano, the touch screen enabled iPod Touch, the screen less iPod shuffle and the latest, iPhone.

To decide on which one is the best for you, you will first have to figure out what kind of usage are you going to have of your iPod. Whether you want to store a large number of songs or just a few favorites, do you want to use your iPod for viewing videos also or are you just happy with a basic music device. Once you’ve decided that, here’s the cheat sheet for you to select your dream music machine.

iPod Shuffle: This is a gadget for people who want music with them but don’t need to carry their entire collection around all the time. There are two sizes available in it, one is 512mb which can hold around 120 songs and the other is 1gb which will hold around 240 songs. This is a an iPod without the screen and can give you difficulty in managing your play lists.

iPod Nano: These are ipods with a display screen and a capacity of 1gb, 2gb or 4 gb. A cool feature of the iPod nano is its recent collaboration with Nike. The Nano can be used with Nike shoes as a pedometer and a media player both. You can also store and view your pictures in the iPod Nano.

iPod Touch: This one comes with a touch screen and a capacity of 8GB/16GB/32GB. It is definitely for serious music lovers and has other features like downloading movies, audio books, games, office and notes.

iPod Classic: When it comes to storage, this is the mother of all iPods. With 120 GB of memory, it can hold up to 150 hours of video or 25000 photos.

iPhone: The latest in Apple technology, this gadget is a unique combination of Apple phone, Apple iPod, and an internet device.

You can choose your iPod on the basis of what you want from it. You could be looking for a large storage space for your music collection form where you could directly listen to it or attach it to a music system to get a bigger sound affect or you could be looking for a musical device to entertain you a bit during your workouts-the perfect answer is available in one these iPods.