Online Network Marketing – Social Networks, Building MLM List Like a PRO

In online marketing, the big buzz word the last few years in Social Networks on the internet. These types of websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace are ways to effectively get in front of a large targeted audiences for FREE.

Your List (Follower Base), are people who volunteer to receive information from you. Information via email, either about your business, your business opportunity or products or services you are selling. This list of followers IS your business. It is very important to create a very good and responsive list of followers.

The relationship that you build with this list is also very IMPORTANT. This is what gives your list value. This determines if your list of followers is worth anything. The better relationship that you have with the people on your list the more valuable your list will become. You need to provide value to your list on an ongoing basis. Cultivate the relationship, and provide value and valuable information that they can use in their business.

Quality of your list is more important than quantity. Having 50,000 followers on your list that never buy from you or really don’t really know or care about you is worthless. On the other hand, having a small list of 500 people in Twitter and Facebook that are eager to receive your training, tips and updates, and actually review and order products and services from you offer them is priceless. Creating a lasting online relationships with active network marketers or affiliate marketers can be a very rewarding relationship.