Online Social Networking

Are you on MySpace yet? This has been a common question in the last couple of years, as more and more people are joining the popular social networking site.

Online social networking is a major activity these days, as it offers a more interactive, effective, immediate means of communication between friends within your social circle and a potential new circle.

These sites (especially MySpace) have allowed many amateurs to get their talents showcased, whether they are musicians, artists, filmmakers, photographers or designers. Online social networking allows these people to ingratiate themselves onto the busy world of the web and allows users of the sites to see and comment on what they have to offer.

Online social networking is the ideal means for people to remain in contact with one another; it could be seen as a more advanced, interactive and cost effective way of staying in instant communication between people when compared to mobile phone text messaging.

Certain networking sites allow you to join forums and groups, which allow you to engage in conversation and debate from a variety of people around the world. These groups work well together for people with vested and similar interests to share opinions and discuss a wide range of issues.

The main rival to MySpace in the UK is Bebo, which is a hugely popular networking site. The site works well for youths aged 14-17 and for students and young adults aged 18- 25. Bebo is ideal for local networking and staying in contact with your closest friends.

Other key online networking sites include YouTube, Flickr, Photobucket, and Facebook.