Should There Be Social Rules About Cell Phone Use in Schools or the Workplace?

Many a time cell phone use in schools or the workplace become the source of annoyance and inconvenience for others. So there props up the question whether we need to have social rules in these places. Let’s discuss the issue. Read on to find out.

Imposing social rules at times becomes rather hard while majority of the time some general rules can be applicable. For instance, there can be some general social rules that the usage of the phones is prohibited in school and workplace premises. But then we need to hire manpower to keep track of such misuse of phones. Of course, they can be captured in electronic scanners but then hunting out the right person in such large schools or workplaces may become a challenge.

On the other hand, if there is a general restriction of mobile phone use in the institution premises, there can be more peace and quiet as well as harmony and balance. Especially inside classrooms, if peace and quiet can be maintained among students with the phones switched off completely, the teacher is better able to communicate with the class with the least interruption of ringtones and calls from phones.

Besides, it is more difficult to impose restriction of phone use in the workplace. But there can be general social rules on the limited usage of such gadgets. For instance, it is difficult to trace every employee’s office and find out if they are actually using cell phones and calling others in their work hours. But then the workplace wouldn’t have to bother so much because there are usually work deadlines and if they are not met and the employees spend time talking on phones, naturally they will be in trouble.

On the contrary, if the workplace is divided into cubicles, it’s all open and everyone can be seen what they are doing so that unless it is really urgent, mobile phone calls will rarely be incoming or outgoing on personal use.

Sometimes in the workplace, salesmen and receptionists need to use cell phones constantly. So these people can be relaxed from the limited usage of these phones. Then it becomes difficult to impose total restriction of phone calls on cell phones for all others. So some general social rule should be passed on regarding the matter.

Therefore, I conclude that in schools, the cell phones should be switched off completely inside classrooms while in workplaces, there should be a general rule on the restriction of cell phone use.