Skylanders’ Bouncer The Comical Tech Giant

Bouncer is great fun to play. His character is probably one of the most amusing of all the Skylanders. He is a robot, who used to be a celebrity Roboto ball player! Bouncer belongs to the Tech Group of Skylanders. This group of characters use the power of technology to defeat enemies. Bouncer has a very unconventional robot design, his body is attached to a large spring, that is mounted on a tiny wheel. He moves around by bouncing and wheeling himself around. His main weapons are finger guns!

Bouncer is a Giant Skylander, which means that he is about two times the size of regular figures. His figure however, is quite different to the other Giants. Many of the others are bulky heavy figures, such as Tree Rex and Crusher. Bouncer though, probably because he balances on one wheel is quite a thin character. The robot is covered in bronze armour and has a matching helmet. He looks rather top-heavy, with a big chest and arms and the lower part of his body is just his spring and wheel.

Since Bouncer is a Giant figure, he has Lightcore technology. This means that he glows when you put him on the Portal Of Power. This is a really cool feature new to the Giants game, and Bouncer’s eyes glow white, and a large cog on the front of his chest glows orange.

In addition to finger guns, Bouncer has other weapons he can use against enemies. He also has shoulder rockets and something called an I-Beam. The I-Beam is a laser beam that shoots out of his eyes. At a certain point in the game, when you are playing Bouncer, you are given a choice of upgrade path. You can either decide to concentrate on improving his shoulder rockets or his I-Beam and finger guns.

There is a special Legendary Version of Skylanders Bouncer, he as blue armour rather that the bronze armour.

As I mentioned earlier Bouncer is a Tech Element Skylander. There are a number of other Skylanders characters that belong to this group. Sprocket, the first female Tech Skylander is another character that is brand new in the Giants game. The other Tech figure were introduced in the first Skylanders game, called Spyro’s Adventure, and have now been reposed for the Giants game. Reposed figures are called Series 2 Skylanders. The Series 2 Tech figures are Drill Sergeant, Trigger Happy and Drobot.