The Best Ways to Combine Working From Home Online and Social Networking

One problem people face when they start to work from home online is loneliness. This is especially difficult for people who are used to interacting with employees and being out in public.

However social networking is shrinking the World Wide Web and making it possible to work from home on the Internet and interact with people at the same time. Here are a few ways you can do that.

1. Network marketing is a excellent business model that involves working with people. Today you can establish a worldwide network marketing business and interact with your distributors and customers almost as easily as if they were sitting in the same room with you.

Network marketing companies do a great job of training their employees via video, webinars, audio, and so on. You can do the same thing by using Internet tools such as Skype to talk to prospects regardless of where they live in the world.

2. Blogging is another form of social networking the really brings your website visitors closer to you. You can do things to make them feel more a part of your blog such as asking their opinions for things, letting them comment on blog articles, vote in polls, watch videos and so on.

A lively blog becomes a way to make money and much more than a website. It becomes a place to learn about what is going on in your Internet business and a fun place to go on a regular basis. Combining social networking and income opportunities is also fun for you and a great way to work from home online.

3. Whenever you blog you want to social bookmark your blog posts to some of the top social directories. There are website submission sites such as Social that will bookmark one blog article to multiple directories with one click. This allows you to create backlinks and notify people of updates in some of the most popular directories including Propeller, Stumbleupon, and Technorati.

4. You can also build a list of followers and friends in the top social networking sites such as Twitter, My Space and Facebook. This is easy to do and is smart as well because these are all potential customers for your products when you’re working from home online.

These are just a few ideas on the best ways to combine social networking opportunities and working from home online. Making money interacting with people on the Internet in this way is a great way to work from home on the Internet and a have fun.