The Big Difference of Pharmacy Technician Salary and Job Roles in UK and the US

The roles of a pharmacy technician in each state in the United States differ greatly. The requirements and the job description for this profession are different in every state. The big difference can be compared to the difference of the pharmacy technician salary by location, experience and level. Two employees working in the same drugstore with the same job title doesn’t always mean that they have the same wage. This scenario highly applies to the job roles and income this type of career has when we are to compare United Kingdom and United States.

We all know that the cost of living in United Kingdom is far more expensive in the United States; this is if we consider and compare general facts. Not a lot of individuals who wish to be in this type of job know that being in this type of profession also means specializing in many different pharmacy work and terminology especially if one wishes to work from one country to another. But what most do not know is that there is a big difference in working as a pharmacy tech in the United States compared to working in the United Kingdom. So what’s the big difference other than the pharmacy technician salary in both countries?

As a pharma tech in the United States you are not really obliged to get certified and there is no standard formal training that is being followed. The standard or general requirement for this type of profession would be a high school diploma. As for employer preference a formal training or a prior work experience will be given priority. The certification process for this profession is also not required in the United States, though lately Oklahoma passed a new law regarding working as a pharma tech. As of now most states don’t have a concrete rule or requirement that regulates pharmacy technicians’ employment. The roles of these drugstore employees will soon be very complex and big which is why rumors about the certification being mandatory has been roaming for quite some time now.

If the certification of pharmacy techs in the U.S is not being given too much priority it’s totally the opposite in the UK. People in this type of profession are obliged to get certified because it’s a requirement in the United Kingdom. Getting certified is a must it’s because pharmacy techs are qualified to counsel patients on their medication. On the other hand those who are termed specialist technicians are usually assigned to run or help out with the operations of anticoagulant clinics. Those technicians who work in hospitals are typically in-charge of managing the operations dispensing and manufacturing of medicines or the like.

There are a lot of things a pharmacy tech can do in the United Kingdom compared to those who are in the United States. In the UK this type of professions is given a big role in the pharmacy so that licensed pharmacists can participate in extended clinical pharmacy roles that will help improve and develop overall patient care. Pharma techs play a vital role when it comes to pharmaceutical care which is why October 26 has been declared as National Pharmacy Technician Day to celebrate and recognize the significance of such job in the healthcare service.