The Online MLM Era – Social Media Guide

Social Media Marketing has been rocking the marketing industry by storm. More and more marketers use social media to gain more exposure and reach targeted audience on the internet. Of course elite MLM marketers are using it too in generating leads for their MLM business.

Below is the complete guide of Social Media Marketing in this Online MLM Era.

1. Create your own personal journal website or blog. What is blog? It is a type of website that generally focused on a certain topic and unlike static website, it is updated frequently with fresh content, Some called it weblog.

The benefits of blog in your MLM business.

  • Branding – personal branding is the bread and butter of Online MLM. Blog is a great tool in branding yourself.
  • Authority – I’m sure you will agree that most people want to join people they feel expert and authority in his/her field.
  • Targeted Prospects – Expect to hit a massive source of unending people who are interested in your business.

2. Set up your own Personal Facebook account. Facebook is the next popular website to Google according to And today Facebook is the number one social media platform on the internet. It has a Pay-Per-click section where you can advertise to More than 400 million active users worldwide. Facebook can be a big and effective tool that you can use in your MLM business. Another popular and free method of using Facebook in your MLM business is to create a Group or a Fan about MLM and invite people to join. Then provide a real and useful information into your fans and group member. The end results of this strategy is that people will become curious about you and your business too. I’m sure some of them will message you about your business. The idea here is to provide real information about MLM and the end result is they will be attractive to you because they already perceive you as an expert. People join people.

3. Set up your twitter account. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is the second most popular social media. Twitter can be use as instant traffic generation tool in your MLM blog. Many companies use twitter in announcing important updates and promos. Of course elite MLM marketers use it to connect with people who are interested in MLM.

4. Create you professional profile on Linked In. Linked In is the number one social media for professional and business people. The idea in using linked in is to create your own portfolio and list of websites. It can add some professionalism and authority in your web presence. Although Linked In is not that popular compare to Twitter and Facebook. Linked In is a great website in connecting with like minded individuals.

I’m sure by doing the above steps you are on your way in your social media mastery and of course success in your business in this Online MLM Era.