Trash Cans – Advancing Technology

“Sleep is when all the unsorted stuff comes flying out as from a dustbin upset in a high wind” is a quotation by William G Golding, winner of Nobel Prize for literature.

Definition of garbage bin differs from dictionary to dictionary depending upon the region and most appropriate definition is:

“A waste container (known more commonly in British English as a dustbin and American English as a trash can) is a container, which can be made out of metal or plastic used to store refuse. Other names include rubbish bin, litter bin, trash barrel, garbage can and trash bin.”

Let us look into the practical side of dustbin or garbage bin or trash can or ………….

Lining the indoor garbage bins with garbage bags is essential to keep it clean and to make the removal of the garbage easier without touching the rubbish.

Are you worried about the environment? You have this choice of environmentally friendly twin-bin feature which keeps organic and compostable matter separate from all other waste. The lid opens smoothly by touch. This model comes with a removable stainless steel lid unit along with a special ventilation hole in the inner bucket. To prevent damage to the floor, the base is made of plastic.

Then there is this auto open garbage bin which will automatically open the lid when the hand is near 8” above the garbage can. It will close automatically after 5 seconds. These automatic features are handled by an infrared sensor. For more info visit []

The conventional garbage can comes with a close fitting lid to keep in unpleasant smells. They are mostly used in kitchens or a living area. It can be opened with a stainless steel foot pedal.

A fire proof garbage bin is more ideal for large or busy households with lot of children. They have bright colored exteriors looking beautiful and tough. The other additional feature is a fire safe trap to self extinguish flames. Cleaning them is also easier and the self closing steel doors provide safety and control over the odor.

The latest gadget is a Clever Dustbin. This dustbin uses infrared technology and when you sweep the dirt and debris close by it automatically sucks it up and you are saved of all the hassles of collecting and dropping the dust into the bin. What will our inventors be thinking of next!!