Using Job Portals and Social Media for Online Recruitment

Employers looking to recruit quality employees for their organizations have the choice of approaching job boards and professional recruiting agencies that can help you plan and execute a comprehensive online recruitment strategy. A wide range of online recruitment resources are used by such agencies to bring you the best available talent.

The primary aim of recruiting online, through job portals and recruitment companies is to help you source your staff directly and reduce the cost of hiring the best available candidate for the job. They use simple job site advertising as also branded bespoke social networking sites to help you achieve your recruitment needs.

Recruitment portals can help you by providing free advice on the job sites that deliver the best results. They advertise your job requirements under your own company name if you so desire or in the name of your brands. By using a customized combination of the best niche and reputable job sites they deliver the quality results in the best possible time.

When you hire a job portal or a recruiter, your advertisement will be live and online within 24 hours enabling you to attract the candidates faster and complete the process speedily. Most agencies charge only the cost of placing advertisement and do not ask for placement or consulting fees except under special circumstances. Filtering the CV and response services are also available from some of the best recruitment companies.

Online recruitment campaigns are accounts managed. What it essentially means is your job specifications are optimized by job portals on each job site so that your vacancies are found by the right candidate easily. The performance of each site can be monitored in real time and the campaign adjusted accordingly as necessary. This increases the probability of your advertisement attracting not only the right candidate but also the best candidate.

Recruitment agencies also make use of social networking sites extensively to target the right candidate for jobs. It involves setting up and managing branded social media accounts. Today’s generation are logged on to such social media sites on a daily basis. This makes it possible for recruiters to reach their recruitment information to candidates through social media. Talent pools and bespoke social networks are some of the more complex forms of attracting the right type of candidates through social media networks.