Fortune Hi Tech Marketing Review – A Pyramid Scam Or Genuine MLM Opportunity?

Fortune Hi Tech Marketing is a business opportunity that connects a range of products to sales representatives who want to make an online income.  You can become an FHTM business owner no matter what kind of background you have in online selling – which, the website claims, is a great way to earn a living. After a search on their website you will discover that the program is $249 for all new sales representatives. 

Is Fortune Hi Tech Marketing A Scam? 

This money-making system is based on the principles of a multi level marketing plan, which is also known by the abbreviation MLM.  You have probably heard of these kinds of programs before, as they’ve been widely criticised for the fact that they have simply become pyramid schemes. This means that the people at the top will benefit from the profits, where the people at the bottom simply pay money and never see it back.  But it’s important to remember that not all MLM programs are pyramid schemes! Pyramid schemes are illegal in the US, whereas MLM schemes are not all illegal.  The Federal Trade Commission helps you to distinguish the legal programs from the illegal ones by stating that legal products must have a number one aim of selling products, rather than just recruiting new members.  Since Fortune Hi Tech Marketing provides a number of different products, they are a legal version of an MLM program. This means that FHTM comes with the potential of profits, though it’s important to research further into whether you’re ever likely to see them. 

Will You Ever Make Money? 

When you sign up to the program there is a wide range of products to sell, which range from services to communications and beauty. Those who use the program have an excellent choice of what to sell, but unfortunately past members claim that the products are almost impossible to market.  Fortune Hi Tech Marketing is not an illegal scam, but read reviews scattered round the internet and you’ll find that the products don’t hold much potential. And if the product cannot be sold, money is very difficult to get back. This is why I would recommend you take your $249 elsewhere and find a product and program that really takes you through what you need to know to make a profitable online business.