Fun iPhone Applications

There are a few iPhone applications that I have been having fun with recently. Not all of these are games but if you have some down time, I would recommend trying some of these out.


SkyView has quickly become one of my favorite stargazing apps and I am not even a fan of astronomy. It is very cool because you can point your iPhone at the sky and find the different dippers and where the planets are located. If you are looking for an application that proves that technology is ‘out of this world’ look no further than SkyView.


With state laws cracking down on texting while you drive, this is the perfect application that has been increasingly taking over my bad habits. It is essentially like a walkie-talkie system where you hold down a button and say what you have to say, and then it automatically transmits to the other person through that application. The best part? It works for both iPhone AND Android users! More convenient than texting and talking on the phone, especially when you have little things to say.


This is a great music discovery application for a few reasons. First of them is that you can select from a variety of playlists – depending on your mood. This makes it easier, and the fact that all of them are user created will show that you may find something new you like! Other than the application, I have used the website a lot so if you like music, check it out!


Note: DOES NOT APPLY TO NON-GOLFERS. But I will still write about it anyways because it is the best free application for golfers who like to play at various courses. This app gives you the distance to the green from anywhere on the fairway or rough. However, the free version only gives you distance to the center, while you have to pay for features for exact yardages. If that does not matter to you then the free one will definitely satisfy your needs.


There are multiple iLocate applications but they are very useful for finding places of convenience when you need it. For example, there are ones for gas stations, fast food places and even outdoor furniture outlets! Even though the iLovate apps priced at $.99 each, you can pick and choose from some places that you frequent to and you will always be able to locate these spots – no matter where you are!

A simple Google search will also help you find tons of apps (most of them free) to keep you occupied for hours! Just remember that your iPhone battery is different than your laptop battery; it may require charging more frequently. Stick with one app running at a time to optimize the battery life.

Happy gaming!